Undercity Released!

Undercity has been released!

Head over to the games section to begin playing, or simply click here!

Undercity Trailer

Our first flash game, Undercity, is complete and will be coming soon!

Undercity is a fast-paced action game with RPG and puzzle elements. Race through the tunnels of the Undercity in record time to become one of the most legendary runners to have ever lived! With high quality graphics and sound, over 20 levels of intense gameplay and a multitude of achievements to earn, casual players and hardcore gamers alike will be satisfied.

Check out the trailer below:

Natural Phenomena Site Launch!

Welcome to Natural Phenomena!

Natural Phenomena is a new games company, founded in 2009, devoted to bringing you a quality web-based gaming experience.

Games and developer blog content will shortly be released, so stick around and look forward to that! Or just hang around and chat on the forums!